Our Introduction

We are a team of energetic and passionate individuals who believe in a customer focused approach towards business.

We harness the power of modern technology and combine it with innovative ideas to form mutually beneficial partnerships in the domains of International Trading, Global Franchising, Sourcing and Distribution.

Our Story

LimeSun Solutions Ltd was a brainchild of an experienced group of individuals who came together to start a multi-faceted Enterprise.
With a focus on developing mutually beneficial partnerships with suppliers across the globe, we decided to become a one-stop solution to both our customers and suppliers as a facilitator and a business enabler.


In our day to day business Technology plays an integral part. Our tech savvy team Executive team believes in using technology to the fullest.

Forward Thinking

We believe in planning ahead for every business move that we make. Our strategic team thoroughly analyzes each opportunity before executing it.

Problem Solvers

We know that problems can occur at any stage of the business cycle. However we strive to solve them at the earliest thus giving our stakeholders a peace of mind.

Customer Focused

Each and everyone of our business has but one focus – the value that we add for our customers. This approach acts as a compass to gives us a direction